Job-Specific Therapy

tailored to the demands of the worker's on-the-job activities. It is a custom plan for rehabilitation that takes into account the specific injury and the activity that led to it, and determines a direct path to recovery. It is rehabilitation therapy that helps workers return to their job with a renewed body, mind, and spirit. At The Work Center, Job-Specific Therapy is our way of ensuring that workers go back to their job, armed with the ability and knowledge that will keep them free from injury in the future.

The Work Center's Job-Specific Therapy program starts with an overall evaluation of the worker's strength, ability and limitations. Similar to the Work Hardening ProgramJob-Specific Therapysimulates the worker's jobsite environment and tasks, but in a shorter, less rigorous program. Typically, workers in the Job-Specific Therapy program suffer injuries that are less severe and less debilitating than the injuries of workers who partake in Work Hardening. Many workers are able to undergo this therapy while on the job performing transitional duties.

Job-Specific Therapy has been the answer for thousands ofindustrial rehabilitation patients, preparing to get back on the job. Step forward towards your return to work, and call or click now to find out how Job-Specific Therapy by The Work Center can lead to better jobsite health and productivity.

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