Multi-Cervical Unit

Among the most traumatic workplace injuries are those suffered in the head and neck region. Whiplash, headaches, and neck pain can be debilitating conditions that cause continued wear and tear on the body. Multi-Cervical units are specifically designed to help workers recover from these types of devastating injuries.

The Work Center is pleased to be first physical therapy provider in the St. Louis area to offer the unique Hanoun Multi Cervical Unit(MCU). This hi-tech, innovative machine is a major asset to ourworkers' compensation rehabilitation process. The machine and the program allow us to offer proven superior success and improvements in workers suffering from whiplash, chronic headaches, neck pain, and heavy head syndrome.

The MCU is a highly innovative piece of technology. It first assesses the injured worker, objectively and accurately measuring range of motion and isometric strength in the neck muscles. Prior to the MCU, it was nearly impossible to find soft tissue damage, and muscle damage and weakness. Because other examination methods like CT scans, X-rays, and nerve testing have been unable to do this in the past, the detection and treatment of these delicate injuries has often been called "the missing link" in whiplash treatment. TheMCU is so valuable because it offers a more reliable diagnosis of strength and motion, and then uses those findings to customize and target the treatment using the same machine. Workers who are treated with the MCU typically experience far better success rates with more permanent relief than those who opt for more traditional therapies. It is a priceless asset in the diagnosis and treatment of workers' compensation cases.

MCU exercise and strengthening sessions typically last 30 minutes each. The impact that these sessions can have on an injured workers'industrial rehabilitation can last a lifetime. Take a step towards the benefits of the MCU, one of the most innovative technologies available for neck pain and injuries.

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