Physical and Occupational Therapy

The Work Center operates with an exclusive focus on rehabilitating work-related injuries. By handling only workers' compensation cases, we are better able to serve our target audience. Unlike other forms of therapy, industrial rehabilitation requires job-specific, targeted treatment for the worker as a whole- both physically and psychologically. The Work Center is the only facility in St. Louis that focuses exclusively on physical and occupational therapy for work-related injuries.

The Work Center's occupational therapy rehabilitation programs are available to provide modalities for symptom management, as well as therapeutic exercise to enhance strength and range of motion in affected areas. A full circuit of state-of-the-art conditioning equipment is utilized to improve isolated muscular weakness and general muscular endurance. This equipment is used in conjunction with work hardening or independently, depending on the worker's needs. The equipment used at all 8 of the Work Center's industrial rehabilitation facilities is designed specifically for helping injured workers recover, and get back on the job quickly and safely.

Common Functional Limitations Treated:

  • Carrying Incapability
  • Fine/Gross Motor Deficits
  • Inabilities to Perform Activities of Daily Living
  • Inabilities to Perform Specific Job Tasks
  • Inappropriate Work Behavior
  • Intolerance to Repetitive Movements
  • Isolated Muscular Dysfunctions
  • Lifting Incapability
  • Range of Motion Deficits
  • Reaching Incapability
  • Squatting Intolerances
  • Standing Intolerances
  • Gait Dysfunctions

The field of worker rehabilitation is constantly evolving and growing. Our occupational and physical therapists maintain their skill and credibility by actively participating in seminars, programs, and courses to continue their education. They regularly attend and often speak at programs directed to employers, insurance providers, workers, therapists, and doctors, intended to teach them about the rehabilitation and prevention of work-related injuries. Our occupational and physical therapists are licensed and registered to practice in both Illinois and Missouri.

For workers' compensation rehabilitation in St. Louis, The Work Center is the place to be. Take the next step towards physical and occupational therapy by The Work Center.

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