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Take a step towards safety... take a step towards prevention. It's not just about rehabilitation at The Work Center. It's about helping workers and employers minimize the risk of injury. That's why we've created a well-rounded offering of Specialty Services to help all workers in the community do just that. These services are good for everyone involved. Employers can avoid placing workers in positions where they are at a risk of injury because of physical limitations. Workers can avoid injury by understanding the demands of the job before it is too late- lowering workers' compensation costs, boosting employee morale, and increasing productivity. A very important part of managing workers' compensation injurycases is taking steps to avoid them in the first place.

The Work Center is proud to offer these specialty services to the workforce and employers of St. Louis:

  • Post-Offer Testing... all jobs require a certain level of physical and functional ability, so The Work Center helps match the right employee to the right job. Once an employment offer has been made, The Work Center will simulate the job environment and test the worker's ability to safely perform the work in question, minimizing the risk of injury and loss of productivity. The worker appreciates not being placed in a job they are not physically able to do. The employer appreciates the money they will save in rising workers' compensation costs by recognizing risk early. Post-offer testing is allowed as part of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, requiring a candidate to be physically qualified for a particular job in order to receive protection.

  • Physical Demands Analysis... each job has its own set of requirements for productivity, but each job also has its own set of physical demands. The Work Center helps employers to identify these demands through an objective jobsite analysis. We write these demands into the job description for each position. This helps to draw the right pool of applicants, those who are physically capable to perform the work, and helps to minimize the risk of injury and loss of productivity.

  • Ergonomic Job Studies... is there an injury waiting to happen at your jobsite? The Work Center's Ergonomic Job Studies will help you identify the answer to this question. Often required by insurance companies or risk managers, our ergonomic studies video tape, count, and measure job tasks and repetitive motions to determine daily physical demands, and whether these demands would cause injury. There's an old saying about the value of an ounce of preventionÉ The Work Center's ergonomic job studies are your key to preventing workplace injury.

  • Video Display Terminal (VDT)... sometimes injury prevention can be as simple as repositioning a work station. Our VDT system is yet another ergonomic assessment which tests the actual work station. By taping and monitoring a worker's tasks and motions throughout the day, we can identify whether his or her workstation has the potential to cause injury, and make simple recommendations to remedy the cause.

  • Case Review... when there's an injury on the job, you can be certain that a lawsuit may follow. It is a reality of workers' compensation. Because we use advanced technology and produce accurate, objective data, attorneys often call on The Work Center to testify in court, and at depositions. Our findings are reliable and consistent, leaving little room for subjectivity or human error.

Make our Specialty Services your first step towards health, safety and injury prevention.

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