Spine Therapy

The spine is comprised of three main areas: cervical, thoracic, and lumbar segments. However, for optimal spine health, a fourth area to be considered is the core. Good core stability allows you to use your legs and arms more effectively, protects the spine, and improves overall strength. Core stability is not just abdominal strength, but consists of activation of a combination of the abdominals, back muscles, and oblique muscles, creating in essence “four walls” to our building. Utilizing the core offers increased stability to the extremities when performing load handling tasks or resisted activities. The spine is at the center of all you do, whether bending, twisting, looking in any direction, or even using your extremities. An injury to the spine will affect many aspects of function. Therefore, poor core strength or instability increases the risk for injury to your spine and possibly your extremities. The therapists at The Work Center are proficient in treating injuries from sprains and strains, mechanical dysfunctions, and soft tissue injuries, to post-operative conditions. Treatment consists of using a wide variety of techniques, including manual treatments, aerobic activities, general conditioning exercises, fitness ball exercises, active and resisted core exercises, and modalities. Education on proper body mechanics and “preventative maintenance” is also provided in order to reduce risk of future injury. The Work Center therapists know that a strong core is essential to overall fitness and spine health, the ability to handle increased workloads, proper lifting techniques, and reducing fatigue with activity.

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