Upper Extremities

Pushing, pulling, lifting, sorting, carrying, typing, cutting... it's all in a day's work. And it's all activity that you do with your upper extremities. In most of the tasks we perform in a given work day, our upper extremities play a major role. That can make for a lot of wear and tear on our fingers, hands, arms and shoulders- leading to a number of injuries that can take you out of commission quickly.

A very important component of physical rehabilitation therapyfor work-related injuries is strength and mobility testing. The Work Center has a revolutionary upper extremity testing unit that allows us to accurately measure your capability of performing upper extremity-based tasks. This unit is specifically designed to identify and assess the various injuries associated with the upper body.

Our Upper Extremity unit tests strength and motion in hands, fingers, arms and shoulders, and offers an accurate, objective measure of a worker's capability to perform specific tasks. The evaluation system is used in both rehabilitative and post-offer job testing, and tests a wide variety of functions from typing to grip strength. The Work Center places a strong emphasis on proper diagnosis in the process of worker rehabilitation. Once we have thoroughly assessed the injury, we will be able to specifically design a therapy program to treat it.

You rely heavily on your shoulders, arms, hands and fingers to get you through the work day. When they are injured on the job, it has a powerful impact on your ability to perform at work. Take that step, and let your fingers do the walking to learn more about The Work Center's upper extremity therapies.

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