Work Hardening / Work Conditioning

The overall goal of industrial rehabilitation therapy is to help workers reach the point where they are able to perform the duties that their job demands, and return to work. For that reason, Work Hardening is an important part of the industrial rehabilitationprocess. Work Hardening simulates the worker's actual working environment and helps them to redevelop job-specific abilities. After all, the only way to determine the success of rehabilitation therapy is to test the employee's capacity to actually perform their job.

Since our founding in 1985, The Work Center has been the forerunner in the practice of pure Work Hardening in St. Louis and throughout the Midwest. Work Hardening is an ongoing rehabilitation program. Currently 7 of our 8 Work Center facilities dedicate extensive warehouse space to simulating occupations of all types, from construction and truck driving to law enforcement and office administration. No matter what the job, The Work Center's Work Hardening program simulates each specific component, each action, and each environment that the injured worker will be returning to. This is the only way to fully ensure a successfulrehabilitation and determine the worker's progress along the way.

Our Work Hardening program goes one step beyond the physical preparation for returning to work. We also understand that there are several psychological factors involved in a smooth transition back into the work environment. We operate our work hardening program to prepare workers for all aspects of their return to work- physical and mental. Workers involved in the Work Hardening program are expected to clock in on their assigned days. By working together in the program, they build camaraderie with other workers and with the therapists. This helps the worker manage their time effectively and build working relationships, just as they would in their own job.

Work hardening personalizes the industrial rehabilitationprocess. Instead of forcing the worker to adjust to the treatment, the treatment is tailored to the worker. This helps to build a comfort level as the return to work draws nearer. They're working hard, gaining strength, building esteem, and all the while, they're being closely monitored by licensed physical and occupational therapists to determine the day they'll be ready to go back to work.

Take a step forward and learn more about the Work Hardening therapy that's second to none in greater St. Louis. Call or click now for more information on how Work Hardening could benefit your employees' workers' compensation rehabilitation process.

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